CHAPTERS GROUP is a holding company investing in attractive small- and mid-sized enterprises from various sectors. We pursue a long-term and entrepreneurial investment approach. As a publicly traded company, we provide permanent capital. We are committed to delivering value to our investors over decades by enabling our portfolio companies to continuously develop and grow.

How it started

CHAPTERS GROUP’s origins date back 25 years to a small software startup founded in 1998 near Frankfurt. With a vision to improve the procurement processes in German hospitals, the business (then called ‘Medical Columbus’) grew to become one of the leading providers in that market. 20 years later, we decided to sell our core business to a strategic buyer consolidating the market.

With that sale in 2018, we embarked on a new chapter, transforming ourselves into the holding company we are today. Over the last five years, we have founded four platforms and invested in a fifth. We now have more than 30 operating companies in the group, and all of our teams are aiming at the same vision: to provide mission critical services to customers not only in Germany but across Europe (and in some cases the world).

We were also able to gain the trust and support of an outstanding group of long-term oriented investors who support our vision and are providing the permanent capital base needed to support our growth.

We expect this current phase to simply be the next step in a multi-decade journey – we are committed to delivering long-term results, not only to investors but to all of our stakeholders.