We enable entrepreneurial talent to thrive and outstanding businesses to grow

The pursuit of new opportunities is a core part of our DNA. Founded more than 25 years ago, we have embarked on new chapters in our corporate history more than once – and this is a common thread running through the entire group. We believe that by attracting outstanding entrepreneurs and businesses to become part of the group, we will continue to grow and evolve in ways that create value for all stakeholders of CHAPTERS GROUP.

We grow together

We grow together: We attract the best talents by offering co-ownership and the opportunity to build equity. The bigger the cake, the larger the slice everyone gets.

We think in decades

We think in decades: Our permanent capital base distinguishes us from short-term and purely financially driven investors. Our reliability and robustness set us apart in a short term-oriented world.

We serve the edge

We serve the edge: We succeed by empowering the teams closest to the customer. While we set boundaries and measure results centrally, our teams are encouraged to make decentralized decisions.