We strongly believe in the power of decentralized organizations

Our investments typically take place via our investment platforms. Occasionally, we also acquire direct stakes in operating companies. CHAPTERS GROUP and all of our investment platforms pursue an entrepreneurial and long-term approach to our investments and aim to promote the development and sustainable growth of the operating companies in partnership with management and employees. We do not take over operational control but empower the teams closest to the customers to make the decisions that are best for each business.

Providing long-term succession solutions for the German mittelstand

NGC Nachfolgekapital GmbH offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to safely hand over their life’s work to the next generation. The goal is to implement sustainable solutions for entrepreneurs and employees, and to further promote the company’s development.


Long-term partner for software companies in Europe

Ookam Software GmbH is a long-term partner for software companies. With extensive software expertise and an active exchange of experience and knowledge between the acquired companies, Ookam Software GmbH helps support the growth of the operating entities.


Providing modern and long-term solutions for the German telecommunications market

CarMa Holding GmbH focusses on the German telecommunications market. CarMa is building a group of companies that offer modern and comprehensive solutions and services for broadband access and network owners in Germany.


Central point of contact for international students and young professionals coming to Germany

Fintiba GmbH is one of the leading providers of support for international students and young professionals on their way to Germany. They offer tailor-made digital solutions to enable a smooth transition – from blocked accounts for the visa process to insurances and accomendation.


Acquiring software companies in France to hold them in perpetuity

mlog aims to acquire software companies in niche markets. Their decentralized structure allows each company to remain independent while benefiting from the size and experience of the group.