CHAPTERS Group AG Announces Establishment of Two New Vertical Market Software Platforms

Last week, CHAPTERS founded Altamount Software GmbH together with Andreas Philippi, focussing on mission-critical cyber security, GRC and financial services software. In his prior role, Andreas was CEO of Westhouse Group, a Private Equity backed staffing business. Before Westhouse, he was an executive with several successful software and fintech businesses. Last week, Altamount Software already closed its first acquisition: GBS Europa GmbH (“GBS”). GBS is a cyber security software business located in Karlsruhe and Paderborn, Germany with about 70 employees. GBS is a great first nucleus around which Altamount Software will grow its VMS platform.

Furthermore, CHAPTERS is happy to announce another VMS platform that we will build together with Jens Buchloh and Jan Regenbogen. Prior to joining CHAPTERS, Jens and Jan were with Total Specific Solutions (TSS), a subsidiary of Topicus/Constellation Software. Jens started his career as a software entrepreneur, later selling his business to TSS and becoming a portfolio manager there. Jan is a driven M&A leader specializing in VMS acquisitions in the DACH region. Both will work as partners with CHAPTERS to build an entrepreneurial VMS platform in Germany.

CEO Jan-Hendrik Mohr comments:

“It makes me incredibly proud to see the management talents we have been able to attract to CHAPTERS in the last months. Andreas, Jens and Jan fit very well into the CHAPTERS culture and we are thrilled to give them the opportunity to scale their own VMS platforms for many years to come. Everything at CHAPTERS right now is about growing up. Oftentimes, that means to scale what has been working really well. In our case, that’s to further enable the acquisition engine of all existing platforms and to establish new VMS platforms.”

VMS COO Marc Maurer adds:

“Today we not only announce the creation of two new VMS platforms but also the joining of a next generation of leaders. To scale up as an organization, we will further strengthen the level of peer accountability and invest in the creation and distribution of a set of best practices we call the Manuscript Method. The new leaders joining will be instrumental in shaping and refining the Manuscript Method together with our existing platforms.”