Buyback offer for up to EUR 9 million nominal amount of the 2020 bond

In May 2023, the company placed the bearer bonds held by the company itself from the 2020 bond (ISIN: DE000A254TL0) and committed to an anchor investor to conduct one or more public buyback offers if certain conditions are met. In the meantime, the company has received funds from the repayment of shareholder loans issued in previous years. The Management Board – with the approval of the Supervisory Board has therefore decided to submit a first offer for a total nominal amount of EUR 9.0 million (36% of the issued volume).

The offer is expected to be published on the company’s website and in the Federal Gazette on March 28, 2024. The acceptance period for the offer is expected to end on April 16, 2024. The repurchase price is expected to be 91.07% of the nominal amount.