Capital Increase against contribution in kind from Authorized Capital resolved

Today, the Management Board (with the approval of the Supervisory Board) of CHAPTERS Group AG (ISIN: DE0006618309) resolved a capital increase from authorized capital with the exclusion of subscription rights by issuing 1,398,513 new shares against contributions in kind and making partial use of EUR 1,398,513.00 of the existing authorized capital of EUR 6,383,374.00.

The contribution in kind against 587,911 new shares relates to a loan receivable in connection with the acquisition of shares in Fintiba GmbH in December 2023, the purchase price was partly paid in cash and partly deferred as a seller loan. In addition, an amount of 810,602 new shares will be issued against a contribution of shares in Software Circle plc (ISIN: GB0009638130) by several existing shareholders of Software Circle plc.

The new shares by CHAPTERS Group AG will be issued for a price of EUR 17.61 per share, in line with the most recent capital increase placed in December 2023. The capital increase is expected to be registered in the commercial register at the beginning of March 2024, approx. four weeks after the announcement.