2023 Interim Report Shows Strong Growth in the First Half of the Year

Today, the company published its 2023 half-year interim report:

With 31 operating companies at June 30, the group achieved Euro 43.7m revenue – an increase of +77% to the comparable period in 2022. In the first half of 2023, the EBITDA (adjusted) of operating companies of Euro 11.1m increased 61% over the same period in 2022.
Very strong growth in profitability at our minority investment Fintiba GmbH, driven by the increase in revenues on the blocked account deposit base.
“Our operating companies continue to deliver in 2023. During an uncertain economic climate, we are pleased to announce a good set of results today. The number of group companies continues to grow, in particular in the Vertical Market Software (VMS) segment, to which half of our operating EBITDA is attributed. We appreciate the stability that this growing recurring revenue base brings to our group.”, says Marlene Carl, CFO of CHAPTERS Group AG.

Since June 30, 2023 an additional four operating companies joined the group. With the foundation of mlog capital SAS, a fifth platform was added to the group focusing on VMS in France.

The forecast for EBITDA (adjusted) of operating companies in which CHAPTERS Group AG holds a majority interest as of Sep 29, 2023, amounts to Euro 15.5 to 18.0 million. The proportion of this attributable to CHAPTERS Group AG is around Euro 11.0 to 13.0 million. The net financial debt at the level of the group companies including scheduled repayments until end of year amounts to around Euro 29.0 million. The shareholder loans provided by CHAPTERS Group AG (including accrued interest) to the platform companies at year end are expected to amount to around Euro 70 million.

The amount invested in minority interests was around Euro 21.6 million as of Sep 29, 2023. Liquid funds, including the securities portfolio at CHAPTERS Group AG level, amounted to around Euro 35.6 million as of Sept 29, 2023, the outstanding amount of the perpetual bond is around Euro 21.7 million.

Jan Mohr, CEO, added: “With the renaming done it’s very exciting to embark on the new CHAPTER of our journey. I’m very proud of our organization that we have been able to execute on +86% growth in invested capital since June 2022. The speed and quality of M&A execution has been great and we see plenty of additional value-accretive acquisition opportunities. In our VMS segment, our platforms now acquire companies in five countries. As importantly, we are seeing progress in organic growth across most operating companies, mainly driven by strong performance at Fintiba and pricing effects in VMS”.

The Interim Report 2023 can be downloaded via the website of the company: CHAPTERS Group AG – Investor Relations – Publications. CHAPTERS Group AG can be reached for investor enquiries via ir@chaptersgroup.com