2022 Annual Report – Strong Operating Performance and Continued Success with Acquisitions – Renaming and New Board Director Proposed at AGM to Embark on Next Chapter of Growth

Last week, the company published its 2022 annual report. With 26 operating companies at year end, the group achieved EUR 67.1m of revenue in 2022 and EUR 16.8m of EBITDA in 2022, which is an increase of 64% and 38%, respectively, from the prior year.

While results were mainly driven by the successful acquisition activities of the company’s platform groups, like-for-like EBITDA growth in 2022 was also strong at +6.6%. We expect acquisitive and organic growth to continue in 2023.

Five years ago, the company embarked on a new chapter when the original “Medical Columbus” business of the group was sold and the proceeds were used to kick-start the current holding company structure. Over time, we evolved immensely, having attracted exceptional talent, quality business owners and a set of world class shareholders to join our effort. This has resulted in the rapid expansion of both our vision and ambitions.

Looking forward, the board is proposing a renaming of the company to CHAPTERS GROUP AG. We chose that name to express our conviction that we will embark on several new and successful chapters of the company in the years ahead.

To help us shape this next phase of our development, the company is seeking to add a talented and experienced investor and company builder to our supervisory board. Given his breadth of experience and talent, the company has asked Paul Buser to consider a nomination to join our supervisory board as a non-executive director. Paul is the co-founder and co-CEO of Sator Grove Holdings, one of our long-time shareholders. Paul has multiple decades of experience including as an investor, board member and executive. The company is pleased to propose his election at the upcoming AGM.

“It’s an honor to be considered for the Supervisory Board at MEDIQON Group AG,” said Paul. “We have known and admired this team since its transformation from Medical Columbus and today serve as the company’s largest shareholder. The new ‘CHAPTERS GROUP’ is poised to accelerate its ambitions and seek to become the premier home for outstanding businesses and entrepreneurial talent across Europe. The structure that the management team has put in place should provide the opportunity to achieve this bold vision. I’m confident that top-tier talent will continue to be attracted to the CHAPTERS ecosystem – and the shareholder base consisting of long-term oriented world-class operators and investors will provide additional support to help us imagine and achieve the art of what’s possible. We stand ready to assist in any way to advance the mission of the company.”

If approved, Paul would take over from Lars Ahns who offered his board seat to allow Paul to join. Lars has been a board member for nine years. During his leadership, the company transformed to its current form and his governance ensured an orderly and thoughtful reorganization of the group.

Mathias Saggau, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, added, “I want to thank Lars for his great service over the last years. He has been a great supporter and advisor to our management team and we will miss his contributions. We are excited that Paul agreed to stand for election at the next AGM. The guidance and network that Paul and his team at Sator Grove have provided over the past years as shareholders have had a tremendous positive impact. We are looking forward to working together closely.”

“It’s bittersweet leaving the business at this juncture given the tremendous progress we’ve made and the fulfilling nature of working alongside the team,” said Lars Ahns. “I will remain closely connected to the company as a shareholder and wish Paul and the company all the best in the coming years ahead.”

Our shareholders will have the chance to vote on both the proposed name change and Paul Buser’s appointment at the upcoming AGM on June, 29th, 2023

This year’s AGM will take place in Hamburg and we also propose to move our legal seat to Hamburg as that’s where our management head office has been located since 2020. The invite to the event can be downloaded via the website of the company: Hauptversammlung – MEDIQON group AG (mediqon-group.de)

After the AGM, we are holding an Investor Event in English. Details on the event will be published on our website shortly. Please sign up via ir@mediqon-group.de.