Annual Report 2021 published – Group growth continued successfully in the 2021 fiscal year

Today, MEDIQON Group AG published its Annual report 2021. The group’s growth continued successfully in the financial year.

In 2021, 10 additional operating companies became part of the group. At the end of the fiscal year, 20 operating companies belonged to the group, two of which were minority holdings in non-public entities.

The fiscal year 2021, a total of EUR 34.0 MM was invested in the group’s further growth. The total amount invested over the last three years is EUR 67.8 MM, of which EUR 3.1 MM is attributable to the acquisition of minority interests in non-public entities.

Total group revenue amounts for 2021 amounts to EUR 43.6 MM, thereof EUR 34.4 MM attributable to companies in which the group held a majority stake.

Adjusted EBITDA of all operating companies belonging to the group in 2021 amounts to EUR 12.8 MM – thereof EUR 11.2 MM attributable to companies in which the group held a majority stake.

The Base Value amounts to EUR 4.69 per share (previous year EUR 3.46 per share).

Adjusted Earnings per share amount to EUR 0.38 per share (previous year EUR 0.18 per share).
In addition to the financial statement for MEDIQON Group AG as the parent, the company also published the first-time and voluntarily prepared consolidated accounts which is an important cornerstone present the long-term development of the group more detailed and transparent going forward.

The Annual Report 2021 can be downloaded via the website of the company: Annual and Interim Reports – MEDIQON group AG (