NGC Nachfolgekapital GmbH, a subsidiary of MEDIQON Group AG, entered into a transaction agreement in relation to its subsidiary vetera GmbH

Today, Nordhealth A/S and NGC Nachfolgekapital GmbH, an 80% subsidiary of MEDIQON Group AG agreed that vetera GmbH, an 80% subsidiary of NGC Nachfolgekapital GmbH will become part of the Portfolio of Practice Management Software Companies of Nordhealth A/S.

The consideration will be structured as a mix of cash and shares in Nordhealth A/S.

Vetera is a software and service provider for veterinarians in the DACH region and was acquired by NGC Nachfolgekapital GmbH in June 2019.

With the transaction, NGC Nachfolgekapital GmbH realizes a significant uplift in value compared to the original purchase price paid in 2019. The effect on the Base Value per end of 2021 as calculated by MEDIQON Group AG amounts to c. EUR 0,27 per share. Under German GAAP (“HGB”), there will be no direct impact on the financial statements of MEDIQON Group AG as the parent company. At closing, the shareholder loans granted by MEDIQON Group AG for the acquisition will be fully repaid.

The transaction is expected to close in Q2 2022, subject to satisfaction of customary closing conditions.